The importance of mentoring.

The value that a good mentor can have on a business, regardless of stage,
is immense. Below are some statistics that bear this out. Our goal at TJE is to ensure
that each applicant is matched with a mentor who is personally compatible, is
appropriate to the industry and provides a useful skill set.

of all businesses fail before their first birthday.50%

76% of those businesses fail due to incompetence and/or lack of knowledge.


Mentorship Increases Revenue

Revenue Increase

Businesses with mentoring
increased their revenue by an average of $47,300 or 106%

Revenue Increase

Businesses without mentoring
increased their revenue by ONLY an average of $6,600 or 14%.

Mentorship Increases Hiring

1 in 2
Businesses that received mentoring created a full time job, on average.
That is 44% better than those who did not receive mentoring.

have been created by growing businesses who have received mentoring on average.
2.5 jobs more than those who did not receive mentoring.

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