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The Jewish Entrepreneur provides entrepreneurs and start-ups with the mentorship and guidance necessary to establish successful, thriving businesses. In the last seven plus years, TJE has matched over 3,000 businesses with mentors, directly leading to millions of dollars in growth. Learn about the benefits of mentorship, and take your business or business idea to the next level today!

The value that a good mentor can have on a business, regardless of its stage, is incalculable.

Businesses which receive mentoring can see a 106% increase in annual revenue (based on national statistics). Our goal at TJE is to match each applicant with a mentor who will impart the experience and skills for success.

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Partner with someone that has experience in an area that could accelerate your growth.

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Seize the opportunity to build up someone’s skill set and confidence.

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TJE has setup Video Classes (including a NEW Marketing Masterclass), a Webinar Repository, and a Webinar Schedule

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Mentoring can help your business in numerous, varied ways. Grab the opportunity and join the TJE program.